Going on in Amsterdam

Museums in Amsterdam

The Tropenmuseum (Linnaeusstraat 2) hosts the exhibitions

Netherlands East Indies
Netherlands East Indies, or Dutch East Indies, is the name of the archipelago that came under Dutch colonial rule and subsequently achieved independence as Indonesia. This exhibition presents a history of three and a half centuries of Dutch presence on these islands.

Afterlives of Slavery.
Slavery and the stories of the enslaved are part of a history shared by black and white. The exhibition Afterlives of Slavery focuses on the aftermath of this history that influences Dutch society to date.


 The Stedelijk Museum (Museumplein 10) hosts the exhibition

I am a Native Foreigner”
This exhibition examines migration by focusing on the museum’s collection: what are artists views on migration, and how do they visualise it in their work? This collection presentation considers the effects of migration on artists both past and present, and reveals how they dealt with, and depicted, the impact of displacement. The title “I Am a Native Foreigner” is taken from a statement made by the Mexican artist Ulises Carrión (1941-1989), who settled in Amsterdam in the 1970s.


Foam (Keizersgrachts 166) hosts the exhibitions Stefanie Moshammer: Tomorrow of Yesterday and Next Level: Anouk Kruithof – ¡Aguas!

In her series Tomorrow of Yesterday, Stefanie Moshammer researches notions of paradise, between Western ideals, yesterday’s promises, and the everyday lives of the people who live there.

Common premise in Kruithof’s work is a fascination for the online representation of societal issues. Kruithof subjects these to critical scrutiny by extracting existing imagery from the digital sphere, and translating the photographs into her own three-dimensional visual idiom.


Framer Framed (IJpromenade 2) hosts the exhibition House of Wisdom by Collective Çukurcuma.

Throughout history, libraries have been perceived as places where information on life and space are organised, read, and interpreted. Their political significance, however, has at times been underestimated. This concentration and exchange of knowledge makes them important symbols of political power and the formation of cultural identity. House of Wisdom is an open space, a gathering place. Visitors are invited to enter the library-exhibition to read, discuss, collaborate, scheme, and exchange knowledge and ideas.


Eye (IJpromenade 1) hosts the exhibition Locus: Apichatpong Weerasethakul – Cao Guimarães.

This autumn EYE is organizing a major exhibition on the work of two prominent film artists: Apichatpong Weerasethakul (1970) and Cao Guimarães (1965). Their acclaimed work evokes a world that blends dream, sensory experience and reality, inviting visitors to momentarily step out of their rationally structured lives.


Events in Amsterdam

On 7 December, the Prince Claus Fund hosts the event Louder than Words: Global Leaders on the Frontline of Culture at the Compagnietheater (Kloveniersburgwal 50).

Seven extraordinary, creative individuals from Latin America, Africa and Asia – recipients of 2017 Prince Claus Awards – tell stories of how they change minds and engage people. Forging new ground, they are using culture to deal with some of the crucial issues of our times: the environment and social inclusion.


On 7 December, Framer Framed (IJpromenade 2) hosts the event Open Your Data.

Within Artificial Intelligence, we almost accept our privacy as open; as having no boundaries, as any machine needs to learn exactly how The World works without anything being unclear. Is it imaginable that we will be set free by making our personal data public? These and more questions will be discussed with the participants of the event.


On 8 December, Castrum Peregrini (Herengracht 401) hosts the event Katerina Gregos: Freedom of Art vs Political Correctness.

In the wake of complex and highly politicized issues such as identity politics, minority rights and the refugee crisis a debate has broken out regarding the ethics and politics of representation of such subjects in contemporary visual arts. The curator and artist, no doubt, have a responsibility towards society that goes beyond the creation of images to be consumed.


On 12 December, Castrum Peregrini (Herengracht 401) hosts the event Sincerity after Communism.

What does sincerity mean in a world with a trauma- and hypocrisy-laden past? How to stay true to yourself in a hardcore capitalist reality? How to be sincere in a hypermediatized world? These questions resonate with force in Russia, where talk about sincere behaviour blends in with transnational thinking and feeds upon the Soviet past.


Black Heritage Tours

In case you are interested in newer ways of being a tourist and discovering the history of Amsterdam, one of the tour suggestions below might be interesting: